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 Donna took care of Mittens with the utmost care and devotion while
we were away during the summer.  She is a fantastic carer, who goes 
the call of duty.  She made sure that Mittens was safe while we had 
work done on the house, as well as keeping everything clean and tidy, 
out the mail, the garbage and generally being very caring and kind.  
She stayed
with Mittens whenever she thought she needed extra care.  She also did 
painting and other odd repair jobs for us, while looking after our 
cat!  She's amazing!  We
highly recommend her services.
The Gapper Family, Park Slope, Brooklyn
  When I first moved to Bay Ridge I was very concerned about finding a pet sitter for my two cats.  Donna has set my mind at ease.  She is not only responsible, reliable, and trustworthy, she is also a very nice person and a true animal lover who will take the time to give your pet some real personal attention.  I arrive home to find my cats happy and well fed and my home as I left it.  I highly recommend her services and I am available as a reference.
 Lori, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 
  Donna is a wonderful sitter and a passionate animal lover. I trust her implicitly with my cat because I know that she puts extra effort and care into watching her. She also goes above and beyond the call of duty -- opening and closing shutters each day, etc. -- and is super-vigilant about my home's safety. Also, my cat can be crotchety and a little difficult to strangers, but Donna understands exactly how to get along with her. I'm really happy to have Donna in my (and my cat's!) life
 Irene, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
 Nobody love my girls as much as my husband and I do – except for the wonderful Donna Thompson! And, our two pit bulls are absolutely in love with her. They react to Donna in a very special way. Even the mention of her name gets their tails wagging.
It has been a challenge for us to find someone we could trust with two high energy and powerful dogs. Donna is perfect at handling them with great care, respect and control. She has a way of communicating with them that reminds us of the Dog Whisperer. Our girls can sense that Donna is in control and they respect her. Donna is a rare breed herself with a tremendously kind heart and uncompromising integrity.
Thank you, Donna for being such an important person in all of our lives.
The Raskins, Park Slope, Brooklyn
 My husband and I have two cats.  We asked Donna to watch them for 5 days over the Christmas holiday.  She was great!  Donna was very professional and great with our cats. She took care of them as if they were her own.  I highly recommend Donna as a pet sitter and plan on asking for her help in the future. 
  Genevieve and Matthew Westerby ~ Sunset Park, Brooklyn
 My husband & I moved with our two dogs, Madison & Mable, to Sunset Park two years ago from Park Slope.  Our biggest concern with moving to a new neighborhood was the need for a new dog walker & sitter.  We were so happy when we found Donna.  She's a wonderful person, who is responsible, dependable, & prompt.  Our girls absolutely love her.  And we have total peace of mind when she's taking care of the girls.
  Swanson Family, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
 My husband, son and I were so happy to have Donna take care of our two adult cats over the holidays.  One of the cats, Baby, is extremely friendly and took to Donna as soon as she entered our home.  Our other cat, Pretty, is very shy and doesn’t really warm to anyone, so I explained to Donna she would probably never even see the second cat.  It was wonderful to find out after reading Donna’s notes about her visits, that not only did she see Pretty, but she was also able to pet her.  Donna also brought the kitties toys which are still played with today, and kept the house in an orderly fashion, which was much appreciated.  I highly recommend Donna as a pet sitter.
    Maurita, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
 Donna helped me by taking wonderful care of Casey from two days after I got her until I moved from Brooklyn over six months later. Casey is a rescue dog and may be the sweetest dog you would ever meet. I fell in love with Casey immediately, but she was scared and nervous nine month old puppy when I got her and did not like the loud noises in Brooklyn. Donna helped me by taking Casey for nice long walks in the park and helping  Casey get used to noisy Brooklyn. I think Casey fell in love with Donna as soon as she met her (I am pretty sure the feeling was mutual)!  After watching Casey with Donna, I immediately trusted her with Casey. Donna is patient, responsible and flexible and even made time for extra walks for Casey when I was stuck at work. Casey is my first dog and Donna was kind and patient with us both. I really think Donna is a big part of the reason Casey adjusted so well to moving in with me!  We both still miss her!   You and your pet would be lucky to have her as a caregiver.
  Amy, New Jersey   ~  Before I Moved Park Slope, Brooklyn
 Jeff and I have four cats: the result of combining our households when we moved in together.  Because of this, the feeding situation is a little nutty at best and feline relations have been hot and cold.  Our cats also all like lots of attention.  We were worried about finding a sitter who could handle all that and I think we found a great match with Donna.  She takes care of the feeding and litter particulars (4 bowls and 2 boxes!) and she spends time with them playing and grooming.  When we come home from being away, they are calm and relaxed and seem possibly a bit disappointed that it is us and not Donna walking through that door!
 Stacey and Jeff, Sunset Park
"My Rottweiler Zoe is almost 13 years old now, and needs special care.  She has some hip problems and also requires a special diet and medication. I was worried about kenneling, due to her age, and was pleasantly surprised to find Donna here in Sunset Park.  Donna was able to meet all Zoe's needs and then some. She took exceptional care of Zoe for 4 days when I was away for vacation.   Donna was extra sensitive to Zoe's hip problems, taking care not to over exert her on walks. Donna genuinely loves and cares about cats and dogs.  Her dedication is apparent in her work and also in her knowledge of both cats and dogs.  Just talking to her for 15 minutes I was completely convinced she was the right person to watch my Zoe dog!  I no longer stress about what to do with my aging pet when I have to leave town for work or vacation!  I highly recommend Donna for any of your pets needs!"
Joe Protheroe, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Not only do I think Donna is wonderful, my 2 older pups (Jonathan & Hailey) LOVE her!  Never having left my dogs with anyone other than my family before I was quite apprehensive about leaving them....Donna put me at ease the moment I met her and the dogs immediately took to her also.  She spend time with each of them, quickly finding their likes and dislikes. She brought them little treats and added all the little special touches.  Donna also kept me informed often as to how they were doing and my home looked clean & tidy when I returned.  Donna, I can't thank you enough!  You're the BEST! (Jonathan & Hailey agree)
  Cathy Shea ~ Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
From day one, Donna has been a great companion to our dog, Addie. Loving, yet disciplined, loyal and compassionate, she is the perfect dog walker. She is responsive to Addie’s personality, and gives her plenty of attention. Addie loves her as though she were part of the family!
 Bergstorm Family - Sunset Park, Brooklyn 
 When I first moved to Brooklyn I was worried about my dog Lexi being home alone all   day while I was at work (in the Bronx). I did a little research and found Donna. She came over and made me feel so much better as soon as I met her, I knew Lexi would be in good hands. She is responsible, reliable, and very professional. I look forward to coming home and reading the notes that Donna leaves informing me about how Lexi's day was.
 I highly recommend her.
Gwen Sunset Park, Brooklyn
"Donna with Whiskers and Paws has been wonderful with our dogs JJ and Cali.  They can be a handful, but we know they are in great hands with her.  When we come back from being away, they are always so well walked and calm and relaxed.  She clearly loves animals!"
 Heather Gray  Bay Ridge Broolkyn, NY
Whiskers and Paws is the best!  I had another catsitter before who turned out to be unreliable, but I never have to worry about that with Donna.  Unlike the other sitter, things are always neat and clean when I come back, and the litterbox is perfectly scooped out.  Plus, she genuinely cares for my kitties, brings them treats, plays with them and pets them so they feel loved and less lonely.  They adore her.  I think that they're always just a little disappointed when I come home.  Almost as good is how reasonable her rates are.  I recommend her to anyone who's looking for the best quality and service in pet care.
 Jane ~ Brooklyn, NY
"Donna is an excellent pet sitter.  She cares for pets out of the goodness of her heart.  She's caring and very responsible.  When Donna takes care of your pets, you can guarantee that they will be very well taken care of.  I have 10 cats and when I return home from my vacation, they are all happy and content.  I would highly recommend Donna to anyone that needs a pet sitter."
Janice Brooklyn, NY
Donna is amazing! When I unexpectedly hurt my foot, my biggest concern was finding someone compassionate, responsible, and strong enough to walk my two male pit bulls. They had never been walked by anyone but my husband and myself before, but they warmed up to Donna almost immediately. One is a rescue dog with some special needs, and Donna was immensely patient and understanding. They were so happy to see her each day, giving her kisses as soon as she walked in the door. I never had to worry when Donna was walking my boys. I cannot recommend her enough!
 Katherine Brooklyn, NY Sunset Park
Donna is just wonderful – I always feel so good about leaving my cats in her hands when I have to leave.  Every time I come home, they’re gleaming from the grooming I know she’s giving them.  Donna pays individual attention to my guys and always has a fun report for me upon my return.  She’s even bought them toys!  Part of me feels like I see disappointment in their eyes when it’s me who walks through the door instead of her.

There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone who truly adores animals is caring for your pets.  Donna is an absolute treasure, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone
 Annemarie C.  Bay Ridge  Brooklyn ,NY
"My husband and I are so thankful to find Donna- She truly loves animals, and cared for our pet as he was her own. Not only is she nice and caring, she is flexible and is careful about your home. I know my cat adored her, and the toys she left for him! You don't have to worry about your pet or your home with Donna, they are both in great hands. We can't thank her enough!"
 Nicole & Trevor Brooklyn, NY 
Donna is fantastic. Knowledgeable, responsible, and affectionate towards her charges, I feel absolutely at ease leaving my cat, Buddy, in her care. Not only is he amazingly well taken care of in the physical sense, Donna goes the extra mile and makes sure he feels cared for emotionally, learning his likes and dislikes, playing with him, and bringing little toys and treats. Buddy is always relaxed and happy when I get home from a trip, thanks to Donna's genuine love for pets. You should feel no worries about trusting your loved ones or your home to Donna, who always leaves my apartment looking better than I did :) I'm available for a reference.

--Maxine, Bay Ridge
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